Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy New Year to you all!! 
We hope the new year has brought great success your way already, but if you are in need of new ideas to give your business a boost you have come to the right Blog!

Throughout the year we will be posting blogs on how to add promotional items to your business plan that will increase sales, organize your work, get your business noticed more by potential new customers, add fun & excitement to your business and to get people talking about you and your business now!

We have just returned from Orlando Florida where we attended our industry trade show the first ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) Show of the new year. We saw many new and exciting products and some old standbys with a new twist!

One of the first things to think about is "Planning with Promotional Items".
Ask yourself the following questions:
1. Do I need any promo items this year or NEW promo items?

2. If so, for what? 
A. Daily use items such as pens, calendars, planners, business cards, etc?
B. Are you sponsoring any Special Events such as fundraisers, golf tournaments, dinners, parades, school functions, sports teams, concerts, etc. And/or do you need items to give away or a banner for the event?
C. Employee uniforms or employee recognition programs?
D. Customer giveaways? - people love "free stuff"!!
E. For Advertising your business specials, with posters, flyers or discount cards, etc?
F. Business recognition with T-shirts or caps?

3. What is your budget for promo items, either per event or for the year?
We can find items that will fit any budget from lower cost items to high end custom gift ideas! Let us know what your needs are and we will find solutions that will work for your business.

Look at your calendar and see what you already have planned and contact us ahead of time so we can help you find the best option(s) for your needs!
When you plan ahead it gives you more time to get what you really want and get better deals on the items without having to pay extra "rush" charges for rush orders. It's a great feeling to have what you need, when you need it and have it be a great success like you want it to be!
Planning is KEY to a great promotional plan for your business!

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Let us help you plan a great year for your business!!